Boogiepop Omnibus Vol. 4 (Light Novel)

Boogiepop Omnibus Vol. 5 (Light Novel)

Boogiepop Omnibus Vol. 4 (Light Novel)


书籍英文名:Boogiepop Omnibus Vol. 4 (Light Novel) 

书籍作者:Kouhei Kadono, Kouji Ogata

书籍简介:The next three novels ofKouhei Kadono’smodern classic that sparked the light novel craze in Japan–including two novels never-before-printed in English!

Six children with clairvoyant powers, a mysterious being called the King of Distortion, and a creature that feeds on human fear—these may seem unconnected, but they all have two things in common. First, they were involved in events that potentially put the entire world at risk. And second, they crossed paths with the enigmatic shinigami, Boogiepop.

Featuring interlocking story threads and told from the perspectives of a wide range of characters, this special omnibus edition contains Volumes 4 through 6 of theBoogiepoplight novel series.


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