The Routledge Companion To Twenty-First Century Literary Fiction

The Routledge Companion To Twenty-First Century Literary Fiction

The Routledge Companion To Twenty-First Century Literary Fiction


书籍英文名:The Routledge Companion To Twenty-First Century Literary Fiction 

书籍作者:Daniel O’Gorman, Robert Eaglestone

书籍简介:“The study of contemporary fiction has been growing in popularity for many years, whether via its consistent place in the news and popular culture, the rapid expansion of creative writing and contemporary literature programs at University level, or new scholarly organizations dedicated to the contemporary. Taking up issues that remain unclear concerning when ‘contemporary’ fiction begins, as well as how genre novels — thrillers, science fiction, etc. — should be considered, chapters serve as both an introduction to an area and a frame for further academic debate. A significant and central intervention into the field of Contemporary Literature, this volume focuses on fiction from the year 2000 and forward. Offering essential coverage of writers who established themselves in the last millennium, the main focus will cover those whose reputations have been forged in the last ten to fifteen years. Further, it will focus on literary fiction, that is, novels which were traditionally called literary. Over thirty essays by leading and emerging international scholars cover topics such as: – Experimentalism, Science, Nature, Narrative, and the City – Authors such as Jonathan Franzen, David Mitchell, Hari Kunzru, Ali Smith, Sarah Waters, and David Eggers – Contemporary literature in different international contexts – Interviews with contemporary authors or industry figures including Jonny Geller and Ben Markovits Accessible to experts, students, and general readers, the Routledge Companion to Twenty-First Century Literary Fiction provides a map of the critical issues central to the discipline, as well as uncovers new perspectives and new directions for the development of the field”


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