Sadhguru: More Than a Life

Sadhguru- More Than a Life

Sadhguru: More Than a Life


书籍英文名:Sadhguru: More Than a Life

书籍作者:Arundhathi Subramaniam

书籍简介:Sadhguru: More than a Life is an extraordinary story of Sadhguru, a young agnostic who turned yogi and a spiritual guru for millions of people all around the world. The author attempts to re-create the life of an exceptional man as he combines rationality with mysticism and ancient wisdom with contemporary and modern outlook.

In Sadhguru: More Than a Life, the author writes about the early life of Sadhguru and his journey from being a boisterous prankster to becoming the spiritual guide for millions around the world. The author draws from her extended conversations with Sadhguru and interviews with fellow meditators and presents a powerful portrait of a contemporary mystic and guru.


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