The ultimate Bible fact & Quiz Book

The ultimate Bible fact & Quiz Book

The ultimate Bible fact & Quiz Book


书籍英文名:The ultimate Bible fact & Quiz Book

书籍作者:Chartwell Books

书籍简介:A new and exciting way
to discover the Bible. It can be used in community and church groups,
Sunday School classes, family games and devotions, or simply for
entertaining reading.

What’s unique about this collection of
quizzes and facts is its variety. Topics covered included include Jesus
Christ, important Bible characters, significant events, geography,
music, food, love, war, money, gardening, animals, crime, punishment,
miracles, angels, dreams… the list is virtually endless!

quizzes are designed to challenge every age and ability. Some questions
may seem easy, such as, ‘In which town was Jesus born?’ or ‘Who was said
to be the wisest King in the Bible?’ Others may be a bit more
challenging, like, ‘How old was Joash when he began to reign in Judah?’
or ‘What was the name of King David’s third son?’ With over 4,500 facts
and questions, this book will be sure to test your knowledge and make
learning about the Bible fun.


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