Chihuahua: Your Happy Healthy Pet

Chihuahua- Your Happy Healthy Pet

Chihuahua: Your Happy Healthy Pet


书籍英文名:Chihuahua: Your Happy Healthy Pet

书籍作者:Elaine Waldorf Gewirtz

书籍简介:The authoritative information and advice you need, illustrated throughout with full-color photographs–now revised and redesigned to be even more reader-friendly!Chihuahuas are little dogs with big personalities. Adorable and affectionate, feisty and fearless, they’re equally comfortable snuggling in your lap or stalking intruders. Always on the alert, they make great watchdogs. With their sassy expressions and amusing antics, Chis are great companions and they’re travel-size, so you can take them with you! This guide helps you with advice on:* Characteristics to look for* Getting ready to bring your Chi home* Feeding and grooming* Healthcare and common problems* Training and enjoying your pint-size companion* Bonus chapters available on companion Web site


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