Finding My Virginity: The New Autobiography

Finding My Virginity- The New Autobiography

Finding My Virginity: The New Autobiography


书籍英文名:Finding My Virginity: The New Autobiography 

书籍作者:Richard Branson

书籍简介:Global business icon Richard Branson has written many books, but none have been more popular than his first memoir, 1998’s Losing My Virginity.
Now he’s finally publishing his second volume of memoirs, covering all
of his fascinating ups and downs of the past two decades.

In the two decades since Richard Branson wrote Losing My Virginity,
his life and company have changed significantly. Now he brings his life
story up to date, including all the successes and failures of ventures
such as Virgin Galactic. He also shares his personal, intimate thoughts
on five decades as the world’s ultimate entrepreneur, and his shift to
focusing more and more on public service. Virginity Regained shows
how Branson created hundreds of different companies, going from a
houseboat to his own private island. Join him as he juggles working life
with raising his children, sustaining his marriage, and creating a
unique company culture. Discover how he created a new life on Necker
Island, while continuing to grow the Virgin brand into all corners of
the world. Get the real story behind his encounters with everyone from
Bill Gates and Rupert Murdoch to Nelson Mandela and Beyonce.


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