A Duke in Disguise (Westham Chronicles, #3)

A Duke in Disguise (Westham Chronicles, #3)

A Duke in Disguise (Westham Chronicles, #3)


书籍英文名:A Duke in Disguise (Westham Chronicles, #3) 

书籍作者:Osborne, Rachel

书籍简介:Samuel Rowe, Duke of Edgmont, wearies under the burden of his title and decides to take a holiday from it, exchanging it, on a dare, with his mischievous friend Oliver Pratt. Both men arrive in Bath, eager for adventure or anonymity. Neither expects to find romance.

Miss Joanne Devereaux is only too delighted to escape her newly-married brother’s home and visit an old school-friend in Bath She has never been to the popular spa town and is intent on adventure, excitement and a romance of her own. When she hears tell of the dashing Duke of Edgmont she promptly decides that he is the very gentleman to win her heart, although first impressions do not quite live up to her expectations. and she finds her heart turning towards not the Duke, but his charming, penniless friend…


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