Billion Dollar Loser

Billion Dollar Loser

Billion Dollar Loser


书籍英文名:Billion Dollar Loser 

书籍作者:Reeves Wiedeman [Wiedeman, Reeves]

书籍简介:This inside story of the rise and fall of WeWork reveals how the excesses of its founder shaped a corporate culture unlike any other.
Christened a potential savior of Silicon Valley’s startup culture, Adam Neumann was set to take WeWork, his office share company disrupting the commercial real estate market, public, cash out on the company’s 47 billion dollar valuation, and break the string of major startups unable to deliver to shareholders. But as employees knew, and investors soon found out, WeWork’s capital was built on promises that the company was more than a real estate purveyor, that in fact it was a transformational technology company.
Veteran journalist Reeves Weideman dives deep into WeWork and it CEO’s astronomical rise, from the marijuana and tequila-filled board rooms to cult-like company summer camps and consciousness-raising with Anthony Kiedis. Billion Dollar Loser is a character-driven business narrative that captures, through the…


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