Angel Falls: A Novel

Angel Falls- A Novel

Angel Falls: A Novel


书籍英文名:Angel Falls: A Novel 

书籍作者:Kristin Hannah

书籍简介:When Mikaela Campbell, beloved wife and mother of two, falls into a coma, it is up to her husband, Liam, to hold the family together, to care for their grieving, frightened children. Day after day, he sits by her bedside, telling stories of the precious life they have built, hoping, always hoping, that she will wake up. Then he discovers evidence of her secret past: a hidden first marriage to Julian True, a man no woman could resist . . . or forget. Desperate to bring Mikaela back at any cost, Liam turns to the one person who could make her respond— and who could take her out of his arms forever.ANGEL FALLS is a moving portrayal of marriage and commitment, and of an ordinary man who risks everything in the name of love.From the Paperback edition.


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