Art of Wine Making Business Startup

Art of Wine Making Business Startup

Art of Wine Making Business Startup


书籍英文名:Art of Wine Making Business Startup

书籍作者:Alberto Ricci

书籍简介:Would you like to learn how to make Wine at home and perhaps start your own winery one day, be your own boss, and make 6 figures a year doing something you love? What if I told you that it’s easier than it sounds? This guide will teach you everything you need to know to make, bottle, and sell your own exclusive brand of wine and become a successful Winemaker. Wine is timeless, classy, and fun. You need not be a sommelier to know how to make and sell unique, glamourous, and delicious wine. Wine is also easy to sell because the market is vast, and wine is always in demand. If you are reading this, then it is safe to assume you are interested in wine making at home. Wine making is a fun activity that is not only affordable to start but could also be profitable if you just put in your best effort. This vastly updated second edition of “Art of Wine Making Business Startup, 2nd Edition, How to Start a Million Dollar Success from Home” contains even more vital information than my first edition. I have learned so much since publishing my first attempt that I know you will benefit even more from this second publishing. I started making wine almost 15 years ago, but it wasn’t necessarily something that I expected I would be doing for the long term. I started making my wine out of sheer curiosity. Today, I am semi-retired, and my wine business is absolutely booming. The frustration I have had with wines over the years got me thinking, what if I tried to make wine myself? Surely I could do somewhat better than all those other people who make wine if I just put in a good amount of effort into the process. It was a crazy idea, but I figured that every smart idea in the world starts out of something crazy, right? I also figured it would be fun to see just what types of wine I could produce. I have seen so many brands popping up selling wines of all sorts I did extensive research and found out that there is not much information out there on how to make it all blend just right, so I set out to test various methods and recipes, I would tweak this and tweak that, and in about a year’s time, I finally realized, I have perfected the process. Eventually, I started making even more wine. Today, I have a small operation where I sell wines to local businesses and restaurants in my area. Most books out there will show you the process, the ingredients you need, and how it all works, but none of them show you how to make it just right. If you learn how to make a cheap $5 bottle of wine, you might as well just buy that and not spend your valuable time and effort. On the other hand, what if you knew how to make that $100 bottle of wine? Wouldn’t that be worth spending your time and energy on? This book is divided into two parts. In the first part, I show you how to make wine at home. Next, in the second part, I discuss how to sell your wine and start a small business. You will learn: In part 1- What you need to start making wine Understanding the different types of wine Learning and understanding Grapes and other fruits and their variations Legal points relating to making wine Getting the equipment for winemaking safe and ready for use The fermentation process Storing wine properly The aging process In part 2- Why and how to sell your wine 6 essential aspects of selling wine Timeline for starting your wine business The legal framework for your business Understanding profit margin and markup How to promote your wine This title is currently available with the Kindle Unlimited program. That means that you could read this for FREE, but only for a short time. Be sure to click “Read for Free” on the Kindle version before it’s no longer listed for free! Don’t wait; this deal won’t last forever.


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