The Palgrave Handbook of Wine Industry Economics

The Palgrave Handbook of Wine Industry Economics

The Palgrave Handbook of Wine Industry Economics


书籍英文名:The Palgrave Handbook of Wine Industry Economics 

书籍作者:Adeline Alonso Ugaglia, Jean-Marie Cardebat, Alessandro Corsi

书籍简介:This Palgrave Handbook offers the first international comparative study into the efficiency of the industrial organization of the global wine industry. Looking at several important vineyards of the main wine countries, the contributors analyze differences in implementation and articulation of three key stages: grape production, wine making and distribution (marketing, selling and logistics). By examining regulations, organization theory, industry organizational efficiency and vertical integration, up to date strategies in the sector are presented and appraised. Which models are most efficient? What are the most relevant factors for optimal performance? How do reputation and governance impact the industry? Should different models co-exist within the wine countries for global success?


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