Pocket World in Figures 2019 Edition

Pocket World in Figures 2019 Edition

Pocket World in Figures 2019 Edition


书籍英文名:Pocket World in Figures 2019 Edition 

书籍作者:The Economist

书籍简介:This 2019 edition of The Economist Pocket World in Figures presents and analyses

data about the world in two sections:

The world rankings consider and rank the performance of 185 countries against a

range of indicators in five sections: geography and demographics, business and

economics, politics and society, health and welfare, and culture and entertainment.

The countries included are those which had (in 2016) a population of at least 1m or a

GDP of at least $3bn; they are listed on pages 250 – 53 . New rankings this year

include topics as diverse as the average growth in refugee populations, the most

congested cities, which species are the most endangered, cancer deaths, foreign

born populations, countries that imprison journalists, the most expensive places to

go to the cinema and countries with the most millionaires. Some of the rankings data

are shown as charts and graphs.


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