Guide to Business Modelling,

Guide to Business Modelling,

Guide to Business Modelling,


书籍英文名:Guide to Business Modelling, 

书籍作者:John Tennent, Graham Friend

书籍简介:All organisations face more and more complex decision making, while the risks dependent on their decisions require increasingly explicit understanding of potential outcomes.В This special larger format guide is full of practical help on how to build the best, most flexible, and easy-to-use business models for analysing the upside or potential downside of anything from a small development of an existing business to large-scale mergers and acquisitions.В Tennent and Friend have completely revised and updated the acclaimed first edition. For anyone who wants to get ahead in business and especially for those with bottom-line responsibilities, this is an invaluable guide to how to build spreadsheet models for assessing business risks and opportunities.


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